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1 Website

1.1 MXL reserves the right, at its sole and absolute discretion and without giving prior notice, to: (a) Vary, remove, modify, or add features, or correct any content on the Website, or these Terms and Conditions. The Participant shall be considered to have accepted and agreed to any correction if he accesses or uses the Website after publishing of the change on the Website; and (b) limit or block access to, or discontinue, withdraw, or pause use of the Website or any of its part. No MXL Party will be responsible for any Loss which may be suffered due to such action.

1.2 The Website may include hyperlinks to websites which are not supported or monitored by MXL or Medxchange. All such hyperlinks are provided as a convenience to the Participant. Use of the hyperlinks and access to such websites is under the Participant’s risk. All MXL Parties cannot be responsible or liable for any third party content included in websites linked to the Website and shall not be responsible for any Loss arising from the Participant accessing or using such websites.

1.3 The introduction of any hyperlink does not mean that MXL or Medxchange approves of such websites. Under no circumstances shall MXL or Medxchange be construed to be related to any trade or service marks, insignia, logos, or other devices which are used or which may appear on websites to which the Website is linked.

2 Crowdfunding

2.1 Participants will make contributions of funds to MXL for the development of the Medxchange Platform. They also will receive Tokens in acknowledgement of Funds transfer.

2.2 Occasionally Medxchange may hold a survey to reveal the opinion of Token holders. Survey results will be taken into consideration in decisions which are made regarding the financial or technical direction or realization of the Medxchange project. However, the result of a survey will not be mandatory on MXL or Medxchange or enforceable by Token holders. MXL or Medxchange retains the right to determine any corrections to financial or technical direction or realization in its sole discretion. Only valid Token holders are authorized to participate in a survey.

2.3 Tokens impart no proprietary rights or obligations or contract, expressed or implied, other than what is described in the Whitepaper, if Medxchange is successfully completed and deployed. Participants particularly will not influence the development or management of Medxchange or Medxchange Platform. The exclusive usage rights of these intellectual property rights are held by and given to Medxchange Limited and its nominees.

2.4 The Crowdfunding will be conducted on a third party crowdfunding platform (“Crowdfunding Platform”) and will include funds that Medxchange accepts and Tokens that will be provided upon approval of received funds. Participants may make contributions using the cryptocurrencies or other payment methods recorded on the Crowdfunding Platform. If the Participant does not follow the Crowdfunding instructions or the instructions on the Crowdfunding Platform, the Website or Crowdfunding Platform may delay, limit, or prevent a Participant from making contributions.

2.5 There aren’t any guarantees that Medxchange will be delivered within any particular time interval, or at all.

2.6 By making contributions to Medxchange, and to the extent which is permitted by relevant law, the Participant agrees not to hold any MXL Party responsible for any Loss occurring out of, or in any way connected to, the Participant’s failure to secure and keep private his email address and any password which is used in connection with Crowdfunding.

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